Our Innovative Breakthroughs

Our product designs include many environmental benefits to enrich the soil, use water more efficiently and protect the availability of clean water resources.


  • Approximately 5 billion pounds of green waste is used in our growing media products. Growing media – potting mixes, soils and mulches – are mostly composed of organic waste from forestry, farming and food processing, such as bark, manure, rice hulls, compost and landscaping green waste.
  • ScottsMiracle-Gro has become one of the largest marketers of organic lawn and garden products in the world, and that segment of our business is increasing every year.
  • We incorporate moisture-control and water-saving characteristics in our premium grass seed and growing media to help consumers use less water, while achieving improved results.
  • Our Scotts® Snap® lawn care system delivers environmental and convenience benefits. Consumers simply snap enclosed product packs into the spreader, eliminating the pouring of product into the spreader and possible spills. The pack’s contents remain enclosed, even when it is stored.
  • Our EdgeGuard® lawn spreaders are designed to prevent product from being applied off-target onto sidewalks and driveways.
  • Our packaging instructions tell consumers that fertilizer, grass clippings and leaves should not be left on hard surfaces because a rainfall could wash the materials into the sewers and waterways.
  • We are a pioneer in ready-to-use formulations. These products are simple to use, require no mixing and are easy to apply.
  • Our product applicators are continuously being improved to help consumers apply the product correctly and on-target. Innovation has led to a full portfolio of ready-to-use control products that eliminate measuring and mixing and use Pull ‘N Spray® applicators that make even large jobs accurate and easy.
  • We are focused on reducing packaging and using more recycled content in our product packaging.