Our Operations

Our vision is for every supply chain associate to have a passion for continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence. Our focused operational improvement will drive our world class team to support our world class brands.

We have set the following goals to ensure we and our partners are operating efficiently, lightening our footprint in the production of our products.

Energy & Emissions

By 2018, our company’s 150th anniversary, we hope to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 20% from our 2010 emission levels (normalized by net sales)

Waste & Recycling

Also by 2018, we are working to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill by 50% from our 2010 baseline levels (normalized by net sales). In order to achieve that goal, we have increased our waste recycling activity.


We are committed to working with our suppliers to continually improve their sustainability practices and support our sustainability initiatives. To accomplish this, we have developed a survey of our suppliers’ environmental sustainability performance. The survey outlines 13 areas for our suppliers to report on, which generates a three tier score: green, yellow, or red. Our goal is to help 90% of our suppliers achieve either a “green” or “yellow” score by our 2018 survey.

* The 2012 survey was narrowed in scope to the top 90% of our North American, direct material suppliers, including all suppliers with $1MM or more in spend. The 2014 survey used 2012 spend parameters.

Zero Waste to Landfill

  • In the summer of 2015, our Howden, United Kingdom facility became our 10th site to achieve zero waste to landfill! Howden joins two other facilities in the U.K., two in France, two in Florida, as well as facilities in Connecticut, Maine, and Kentucky, as our waste reduction leaders.