Products Designed to Work in Harmony with Environment

Consumers place trust in our company’s products or services and should be assured that we are committed to meeting their expectations for ease of use, helping them enhance and protect the environment around them, and that our products will work.

Positive Impact

Environmental: Gardens and green spaces help clean and cool the air, reduce noise and erosion, and attract biodiversity and wildlife.

Personal Wellness: Time spent in garden habitats and around plant life can help improve self-esteem and calm anxiety, and produce healthy fruits and vegetables for more nutritious meals.

Social Well-Being: From increasing home values to decreasing crime rates to improving productivity, green spaces promote good things.

Environmental Improvement

Water Protection: As gardeners, we know the importance of clean water to feed the plants we enjoy growing. In part, this is why we have identified water as a key natural resource for our company to help protect.

To help ensure enough water is available to sustain plant life, many of our products are designed to conserve water. We also work with partners to help gardeners grow their landscapes with less water.

  • Our premium grass seed and soil products contain water-saving characteristics by using materials such as coconut coir to more efficiently absorb water for plant roots to access when needed.
  • To help Texans through the state’s drought earlier this decade, we spearheaded the creation of Texas Water Smart, a statewide public-private partnership that continues to help residents reduce their water use.
  • In California, there is a “new normal” for water given the state’s historic drought. We have launched an effort to help Californians meet the state and local water use reduction goal by using less water in their lawns and gardens, which includes innovative products like EveryDropTM.

Beyond water quantity, we have taken action to help improve water quality:

  • Reformulated most of our lawn maintenance products to remove phosphorus – meeting a goal we established in 2011.
  • Included slow release technology for the nitrogen contained in our lawn maintenance products, at rates that well exceed state minimum requirements.
  • Innovated new lawn food applicators that prevent spills and ensure the product is applied where it is needed (the lawn) and away from where it could wash off into waterways (sidewalks, driveways, hard surfaces).
  • Redesigned our lawn food product packaging to demonstrate how to protect waterways while maintaining your yard.

Recycling: We recycle over 5 billion pounds of “green waste” material back into our products every year. We give composted waste from forestry, farming, food processing, and residential landscaping new life in our soil and mulch products. This keeps the valuable nutrients from these sources from being wasted in a landfill.

Packaging: In 2013, we achieved our goal to utilize at least 30% recycled and renewable content in our packaging. Perhaps even more importantly, since 2012, we have reduced our packaging raw material use by four million pounds – preventing that material from becoming waste.


  • We reuse 5 billion pounds of “green waste” – from forestry, agriculture, and residential yards – every year in our products. If stacked on a regulation football field, the pile of recycled material would be over a mile high.