Water Positive Design

Our product design can help make actions like saving water simple and intuitive. And, helping consumers to protect and conserve water with products across our entire portfolio of soils, seeds, plant and lawn foods, mulches and controls has been a steady priority for nearly two decades. By starting with an environmental concern, we work collaboratively across business functions to design a product that solves for that concern.  This includes everything from what is included in a product’s formulation to innovation around how a product is applied in the environment, and even how we promote different products to consumers. Here are a few of our recent advances:

Business Focus

Helping consumers to protect and conserve water is the central focus that runs through each of our key business drivers.

Live Goods

When it comes to gardening, it all starts with the plant. The type of landscaping and grass plants we select for our outdoor space reduce the amount of outdoor water use.

Connected Yard

The smart technology you’ve come to rely on to bring new efficiencies into your home can also connect you to your own piece of the outdoors.

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New irrigation technology allows for better control of water that’s used outdoors and ensures less water is wasted.


The amount of water and space required to create robust gardens is dramatically reduced with hydroponic gardening.