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I’ve got your back

Bobbette often talks about the parallels between our company and the military, likening it to a cohesive team of people who look out for one another.

“Scotts understands the importance of being an employer who appreciates veterans and active duty military who continue to serve.”

Her journey to the rally point

Bobbette was a chemist who rose to the rank of captain in the U.S. Army Chemical Corps. After six years of active duty, she took a circuitous path that ultimately led her to ScottsMiracle-Gro, where she has been since 2006 in various benefit roles. Through the years, she worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative and in HR with other organizations.

What piqued her interest in our company was CEO Jim Hagedorn, a former Air Force pilot. She saw him on a television news program talking about our approach to taking care of our associates through wellness and a tobacco-free workplace. She liked what she heard and sought a job with us.

She also felt an affinity to Jim and the company.

“When you are part of the military, you are part of a family. It doesn’t matter what branch of service you’re in. The military builds a cohesive unit where you have to count on your brother or sister, whomever is on your left or right. I often tell people our company is similar. We are all individuals, but I don’t think there is anybody who would not step up to help if there was a need. Our associates are some of the most giving people. You feel like somebody has got your back.”

Comradery of veterans

Beyond providing differential pay to the “weekend warriors” and helping veterans to transition to our workforce, Bobbette says the Scotts Veterans Network works closely with the company to lend a hand inside and outside its doors.

For example, the employee resource group has provided iPads to families of associates who have been called to active duty, so they can more easily stay in touch with one another via FaceTime. Members of the veterans group also have donated money and time—often in partnership with the company—to provide care packages and support veterans organizations in the community. All this feeds into the concept of “looking out for one another.”

“Scotts understands the importance of being an employer who appreciates veterans and active duty military who continue to serve,” Bobbette says.