Our values-driven approach to product innovation

Since 1868, we’ve created revolutionary product solutions that fill gardeners’ needs. This is how we do it.

We find a need and fill it

Our philosophy for product innovation is inspired by the words of Miracle-Gro’s founding father, Horace Hagedorn, and his belief that it’s our responsibility to “find a need and fill it.” Our product innovation process begins with a thorough understanding of gardeners' and growers' emerging interests and unmet needs.

Then, we set out to meet those needs. Each year, we invest more than $30 million in research and development. Our team of experienced scientists continually searches for new or better solutions to help gardeners and growers succeed.

Our products constantly evolve with the changing needs
of gardeners and growers

Organics and naturals

More gardeners today are looking for natural and organic ways to garden. We're creating next generation nutrients, soils and weed and pest control.

Water friendly landscapes

Water is a precious resource. We create lawn and garden solutions that use less water and protect against runoff.

Horticulture lighting

Each indoor gardener and greenhouse grower has unique needs. Our breadth of lighting fixtures accommodates each situation and is world-class when it comes to performance and reliability.

Hydroponic nutrients

Growing plants with hydroponics is on the rise. We create nutrient solutions that provide the entire spectrum of essential elements hydroponically grown plants need to thrive.

Edible gardens

More people are growing their own food. We enable gardeners to increase harvests while safely protecting from damage.

Garden technology

Gardeners are looking for smarter, quicker ways to grow. Our smart technology products save time and reduce wasted water.

We deliver innovative product solutions

Scotts® Turf Builder® Triple Action

Need: An all-in-one solution that feeds and weeds to simplify the lawn care process.

Learn about Scotts® Turf-Builder® Triple Action

Miracle-Gro® Performance Organics

Need: The first of its kind organic solution that performs as well as conventional products.

Learn about Miracle-Gro® Performance Organics

Gro Watering Solutions

Need: Smart technology controllers, irrigation controllers and drip kits to eliminate wasted water.

Learn about Gro Watering Solutions

General Hydroponics® FloraPro®

A 3-part, water-soluble fertilizer that is affordable, scalable and adjustable for commercial operations.

Learn about General Hydroponics® FloraPro®

Miracle-Gro® Twelve

Need: Indoor gardening system that looks as good in your home as the results it delivers.

Learn about Miracle-Gro® Twelve

Ortho® Groundclear®

Need: OMRI-listed to effectively and quickly kill weeds and grasses.

Learn about Ortho® Groundclear®

Sure Shot® Spray Wand

Need: Precision applicator to improve accuracy, limiting overspray.

Learn about the Sure Shot® Spray Wand

Gavita Pro 1650e LED

Need: A more energy-efficient lighting solution, with cooled LED bars.

Learn about the Gavita Pro 1650e LED