Our commitment—
Gro More Good

We’re cultivating the health and well-being of the next generation. By 2023, we will connect 10 million children to the powerful benefits of gardens and greenspaces.

Wherever gardens grow, kids grow too

From food deserts and poor nutrition, to childhood obesity and nature deficit, the lack of access to gardens and greenspaces is impacting the health of millions of vulnerable children. And we’re doing something about it.

We’re getting more kids outside—with their hands in the earth and their smiles bursting with joy. We’re partnering with like-minded organizations to improve children’s access to fresh food and increase their time outside connected to nature. We’re providing monetary grants, educational curriculum and training to connect 10 million children to the benefits of gardens and greenspaces. This is what growing more good looks like.

The power of gardening in children’s lives

Our hands-on work with communities allows us to see firsthand how gardens transform children’s lives. We’re growing more than gardens. We’re growing hope, self-esteem, positive relationships and better futures.

Connecting preschool children to fresh food, garden education

Our work with the National Head Start Association will teach kids, families, schools and communities how to grow their own fresh, healthy food––for life.

Indoor gardening to fight hunger, spark love of growing

Too many kids don’t have access to enough fresh, healthy food. So we’re adding freshly grown produce to children’s meals in the U.S.––thanks to our partnership with No Kid Hungry. We’re also getting hydroponics and STEM education into more schools with National Farm to School Network and Hawthorne Gardening Company.

With No Kid Hungry, our goal is to end childhood hunger by connecting kids to nutritious food—up to 4.5 million healthy meals—over the next three years. Together, we’re getting indoor gardening systems into more school and community organizations each year.

Our goal? To make fresh produce easily available to the kids who need it most.

Grant opportunity! Are you a No Kid Hungry school in Washington, Louisiana or New York? Apply to bring a hydroponic garden to your school. Application deadline: March 31, 2020

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Our enterprise-wide commitment to the next generation

Our goal to connect 10 million kids to gardens and greenspaces is an enterprise-wide commitment. It's supported by our company, our foundation and our brands working together to elevate the critical need to connect more children to gardening and outdoor play in communities across the U.S.

Connecting kids to outdoor play

Scotts and MLB created the Scotts Field Refurbishment Program to make sure kids have a safe place to play. Grants are awarded to youth-based nonprofit organizations to give kids a modern, playable ball field.

Connecting kids to pollinator education

Ortho is supporting the creation of pollinator habitats across the country that will educate children, families and communities on pollinator issues and what people can do to help.