Impacting the next generation of youth

Committed to nurturing a next generation of leaders, problem-solvers and entrepreneurs.

Grit. Goals. Growth.

Every student deserves a chance to reach their full potential and achieve social and economic mobility. “Grit” - the ability and tenacity to overcome obstacles on the way to achieving goals, is a crucial trait needed to perform at one’s best. Some students possess both grit and a desire to do something great, but need help with how to actualize their dreams. Other students may need help unlocking and finding their inner grit.

The Legacy Project helps both student types through a nurturing community of coaches and exposure to experiential learning, while building a roadmap toward realization of their educational and career goals.

Innovative learning experiences

Enriching a student’s pathway to goal identification and achievement.

Experiential learning is the core of student growth and development. During the term of the four-year Legacy Project, students take part in quarterly Incubator Labs and monthly Grit Gatherings, involving:

  • Immersion in character strength-focused activities and personal strengths application
  • Exposure to entrepreneurial mindset concepts and hands-on creative problem solving projects
  • Learning first-hand from community and business leaders, all in a college campus environment

Unlocking student self-discovery

One-on-one coaching is the centerpiece of The Legacy Project. Coaches empower students to uncover their passions and interests, engaging and guiding them through a specific process of meaningful goal setting, pursuit and accomplishment.

Partnerships that drive student success

Partnering with select central Ohio school districts that are open to inventive educational methods is key to The Legacy Project. The initial partners, the Metro Institute of Technology and Whitehall City Schools, represent the respective attributes and challenges of both urban and suburban school districts.

Metro Institute of Technology

The Metro Institute of Technology (MIT) is a state-designated STEM high school located in Columbus, Ohio, that provides its students with a curriculum focused on the skills needed in today’s workforce. In an engaged learning environment, MIT students gain mastery in problem solving techniques and critical thinking application.

Whitehall City Schools

One of the fastest growing school systems in Ohio, the Whitehall City School District serves a diverse, multi-cultural student population. Whitehall’s team of educators support a student-centric model of learning, that provides quality educational experiences. The Whitehall community is supportive of its school system and the role it plays in providing youth with a foundation for the future.

Deep roots in youth development

ScottsMiracle-Gro Chairman and CEO Jim Hagedorn and his family have a long history of helping youth succeed through education. They have sponsored past programs with the goal of helping students complete high school and attend college. Building from the lessons learned in previous initiatives, The Legacy Project has grown out of a desire to help students learn, apply and grow their grit – that strength of character so vital to success.