Corporate Responsibility Report

Here is our latest CSR report where we detail our efforts to add community value, improve our environmental footprint, and enhance the lives of our associates.

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Investing In Water Positive Landscapes

Water is a critical natural resource for gardeners to achieve success in creating their gardens and landscapes. Recognizing this, we have taken action to help improve water quality, and have conducted additional work on water conservation. Achieving clean, abundant water supplies is a challenge much broader than what our company can solve for alone. However, we are taking responsibility for what we can control in order to contribute positive outcomes for our consumers and the communities we work in.

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Supporting Gardens & Green Spaces

It is clear that maintaining and having access to natural areas improves our lives in many ways. Whether it is a public park, community garden, or other shared green space, these areas are an increasingly important part of the fabric of our urbanizing society. Our company is committed to promoting and helping to sustain these spaces.

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Promoting Responsible Use of Pest Controls

Gardeners take great pride in caring for an endless variety of environments. However, pests ranging from plant diseases to harmful insects occasionally invade our natural areas and homes. If left uncontrolled, these invasions can degrade our quality of life by jeopardizing the very environments we enjoy caring for, and sometimes even the health of our families. Our company is proud of the product solutions we make available to help consumers safely control these pests, and we will continue to strive for product development advancements, including applicators, and responsible use education.