It’s a place to thrive

Justin likes a challenge especially when it requires him to perform at his personal best.

“The family-oriented environment and the great benefits drew me in. I saw a bright future for me and my family at Scotts.”

Give this man a challenge

Justin likes challenges. He has participated in 5Ks and half marathons. He rode 50 miles on his bike for a large community fundraiser, and he recently signed up for six obstacle course races. Aside from the physical challenges, though, he enjoys challenges in his career.

In 2010, Justin decided to change careers. He was a diesel mechanic for a large corporation but saw there was no room for advancement. That’s when he looked toward ScottsMiracle-Gro. Our company headquarters in Marysville, Ohio, is 15 minutes from the small town in which he grew up; and he had heard great things about our company.

“The family-oriented environment and the great benefits drew me in,” Justin says. “I saw a bright future for me and my family at Scotts.”

Moving on up

Justin was first hired to work in the packaging department at the plant in Marysville. He operated labelers, box formers, bag fillers and wrappers; and he was on the plant floor and on his feet each work day. Within three years, he received a promotion to maintenance coordinator, a position in the plant office.

Justin attributes his first promotion to his need to challenge himself and his desire to learn. He says, “I jumped at special opportunities and new projects so I could learn more. I learned how to use our logistics software, and I learned a lot from my boss. I constantly put myself in a position to succeed.”

In 2018, Justin received his second promotion and now leads a team of five as the shipping office supervisor. He is on the paperwork side of shipping and is responsible for scheduling carriers as well as the logistics behind getting orders filled and ready for pick up at our distribution center.

Thrives on change

Regarding his current position, he says, “I may do the same job duties every day, but every day brings something new. I enjoy change and the variety that Scotts has to offer. It’s busy and fast paced, but I absolutely love it.”

To anyone considering a job with us, Justin says, “There’s a lot of room to grow here. It’s a big company with a lot of different avenues you can take. But if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty and if you’re fully committed to what you do, your hard work will be recognized in a short time.”