More love to give

Kim’s kids were grown up, but she wasn’t done being a mom. She and her husband decided to adopt and received a helping hand from us.

“Our future son began giving us hugs for no reason three weeks before his adoption was final. That’s when he really knew that we’d be his forever home.”

We had the same thought

“We had both been thinking about it,” says Kim when asked about her and her husband’s decision to adopt a foster child. “I have two children—21 and 25—and a 14-year-old stepdaughter, but we both felt in our hearts that we had more love to give.”

That’s when an introspection of Kim and her husband’s home, their family and their relationships began. Together, they researched the adoption process, found an adoption agency and had many thoughtful discussions with their family.

The process is more than paperwork

“You have to go into an adoption with ‘eyes wide open,’” says Kim. “There’s a lot to consider and a lot of emotions. Thankfully, Scotts and my team were there for us all the way.”

Kim, who joined our team in 2006, also received aid from our Adoption Assistance Program, which helps with adoption-related expenses. “I remember seeing something about the adoption benefit, but it was long before we had ever thought about adopting,” Kim says. “We were reimbursed for some of the adoption agency fees and expenses.”

A boy waiting in foster care

On the other side of Kim’s story, a 7-year old boy in foster care was waiting. He was wary of the new, pending adoption because another family had previously told him that they were going to adopt him. Less than a month before his adoption was final, however, he began to believe; and he began to trust that Kim and her husband would be his mom and dad.

“Our future son began giving us hugs for no reason about three weeks before his adoption was final.” Kim says. “That’s when he really knew that we’d be his forever home.”

When the adoption was final, Kim was able to take time off to help her adopted son transition to his new home, and she was overwhelmed by the support she received from the company.

The future as a new family

“I can honestly say that they walk the talk around here when they talk about family,” she says. “Everyone was so understanding. They knew we needed time to start bonding as a family.”

Since then, the adoption agency has reached out to Kim and her husband to see if they are interested in adopting more children. At this time, though, they are looking out for what’s best for all of their children.

“We’re not ready to bring another child into our family just yet,” Kim says. “But it’s such a blessing to know that Scotts will be there to support my family.”