June 2, 2016

GRO1000 Garden Makes a Difference to Saint John Community

What do you do with 500 Elementary School students on a warm Spring Day? Plant and learn, of course. Students from Princess Elizabeth School in Saint John, New Brunswick had the opportunity to do just that June 1 when local and national partners got together to celebrate Scotts Canada’s latest GRO1000 Showcase Garden.

The community garden at Princess Elizabeth School will provide the neighbourhood with the opportunity to grow and enjoy fresh nutritious food. Too many students and families in the area live in poverty explained City Councillor John MacKenzie. The community around the school has been designated as a Priority Neighbourhood meaning the area struggles with social issues, including high poverty rates and lower education levels. The produce grown in the school’s community garden will help to feed families and students in need while also teaching students about where their food comes from.


Students had the opportunity to do a number of activities over the course of the day including gaining knowledge about seeds, plants, and the importance of nutrients for soil and plant health. The activities built on lessons and curriculum delivered as a lead up to the event by GRO1000 national partner, Nutrients for Life.

In keeping with ScottsMiracle-Gro’s “Pollinator Promise” students also received information, care of, Bees Matter about bees and the importance of pollinators. Local Scotts Canada associates were on hand to help with the event and give back to their community.


Orchestrating a garden project and celebration event can certainly be a challenge but Princess Elizabeth School’s Principal, Jennifer Carhart couldn’t be happier. “I am beaming with pride and so thrilled with how it all came together so well”, she said. “I am so looking forward to watching this garden grow and having a harvesting party in the Fall.”

Scotts Canada will be back in Saint John in the Fall to help the school celebrate its growing success.