July 13, 2016

Company Brings Pollinator Promise Program To Its Own Backyard

Earlier this year, the Company launched the Pollinator Promise: an effort within the GRO1000 garden and greenspace program to help communities establish gardens that provide needed habitats for pollinators such as butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees. A large success, the Company helped establish or expand 75 pollinator gardens this year, including the Showcase Garden in St. Louis that will provide Monarch butterflies a much needed refuge along their continent-wide migratory route.


Bringing that experience back home, a dedicated team of R&D associates have planted a new pollinator garden on the Marysville headquarters campus. Located near our pond, this garden will provide multiple benefits:

  • Research: The garden will serve as a research area for a variety of natural and organic products in Miracle-Gro’s portfolio, including the company’s Wildflower Mix.
  • Ecological: The new garden will provide new a source of food and shelter for a range of pollinator species.
  • Associate life: Associates can visit the space to enjoy a quiet lunch or have small team meeting.

Recently, John Sass, Vice President & General Manager of Gardens, joined the team for a tree planting dedication in the garden, officially opening it for associate use.


“This has been a fun project to start, that reflects what we do as a company,” said Amanda Gray, Chemistry Specialist with R&D’s Gardens team.  “We hope to see it grow over time, and would love for associates to come and enjoy the space and see how they could grow similar gardens at home.”