This is how we’re growing more good

We’re partnering with like-minded organizations to improve the lives of vulnerable children by feeding their minds, bodies, and spirits.

Connecting one million children to fresh food, garden education

Our work with the National Head Start Association will teach kids, families, schools and communities how to grow their own fresh, healthy food – for life.

Hands-on STEM education through hydroponics

Watching a garden grow ignites kids’ curiosity about fresh food and where it comes from. We’re getting hydroponics and STEM education into more schools with National Farm to School Network and Hawthorne Gardening Company.

We’re partnering with Hawthorne Gardening Company and National Farm to School Network to create STEM-aligned garden curriculum and place hydroponic garden systems in more underserved schools across the country.

Our goal? To spark a love of science learning and a passion for growing that lasts a lifetime.