We couldn’t do this alone.

Our partners create impactful greenspaces, nurture young spirits, and cultivate the natural world. Learn more about their efforts.

  • Choosing a Garden over Gangs or the Grave

    Volunteering in a community garden gives our young people a positive direction in life and a sense of self worth. So many of the kids I work with come from tough backgrounds, where their home and school life is challenging. The garden is a place for them to escape the hardships of life and learn new things - how to plant and grow fresh vegetables; how to help others in their neighborhood; and how to become a role model for the community.

    - Bill Dawson, Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
  • The Garden is a Place for Hope and Healing

    For Sophie, who is unable to walk or talk, being in the garden is especially calming. Smelling the plants, feeling the texture of the soil, the sound of the birds, the varied colors of the flowers, it helps her to calm down and focus.

    - Park School Family, Evanston, Illinois
  • Life Is Not Possible Without Water

    Collaborating with experts under this initiative will streamline efforts in finding long-term solutions to pervasive water conservation and quality issues.

    - Jeff Benoit, President and CEO, Restore America’s Estuaries