The Legacy Project

The Legacy Project provides high school students with resources, innovative experiences and a network of support to move toward post-secondary education and career options—all with a focus on providing equal access to social mobility, greater personal freedom and the betterment of their communities.

Through one-on-one, individualized coaching and mentor relationships, real-world internship opportunities and hands-on camp experiences, The Legacy Project develops the character, skills and innovative mindset necessary for students to successfully navigate the 21st century world. The program fosters the growth of key character traits while supporting developmental life skills and entrepreneurial thinking that enable students to achieve short-and long-term goals and objectives. These goals include college, technical/vocational education or entrepreneurial pathways to move into the workforce. Students also learn about financial literacy and how money management can support their goal attainment.

Two photos of students collaborating together

Students are provided with the following:

  • Individualized coaching
  • Chance to earn tuition toward post-secondary education
  • Educational and career goal identification and setting
  • Opportunity to learn from entrepreneurs and develop their own entrepreneurial thinking skills
  • Community service and professional internship experiences
  • Community mentors with whom to identify and learn from

Program partners include The Ohio State University, The Mayerson Academy in Cincinnati and the Metro Institute of Technology.