Smarter Solutions for Cleaner Waterways – Florida

ScottsMiracle-Gro launched a research and education initiative in Florida to partner with organizations undertaking innovative research or action to positively impact Florida’s water quality challenges.

Driving a Fact-Based Conversation & Independent Florida-based Research

Scotts is investing in Florida-based scientific research on some of the most pressing water issues for the state. The first of these projects is a 2014 grant to fund an independent research project to be conducted by the Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA), based in Ft. Pierce, Fla., that will focus on the Indian River Lagoon. The research will map point and non-point sources of nutrients flowing into the Lagoon that can help focus public and private investments on the highest priority actions that might improve and protect water and wildlife in the lagoon.

Homeowner Outreach & Education

When it comes to water quality the health of our lawns can help protect and preserve this vital resource. Scotts is investing in radio and online advertising, a new web-based consumer resource ( and in-store messaging as part of our commitment to educating Florida homeowners about difference they can make in their own backyard.

Water and Habitat Restoration

ScottsMiracle-Gro is partnering on unique environmental restoration programs starting with Tampa Bay Watch and the Bay Grasses in Classes program . In the program, students will tend native plant nurseries on school grounds and transfer the plants they grow to designated restoration sites within the Tampa Bay estuary. The restoration plantings help clean the Bay by filtering nutrients, while the students learn real-world environmental and agronomic education principles that will help them become the next generation of stewards for Florida’s waterways.

By Land & By Sea: Community Greenspace  Helps Water Quality

We are helping local communities  create and support their own community gardens and greenspaces in each of Florida’s 67 counties. This effort is part of the company’s GRO1000 grant program that seeks to establish community gardens in 1,000 U.S. cities by 2018. Our community lawns and green spaces serve as some of the most effective tools to reduce stormwater runoff, protect against erosion and nutrient loss and also increase groundwater recharge.