June 7, 2019

Our National Partner Network discusses clean water

As water quality issues continue to become environmental and health hazards across the United States, we convened our National Partner Network to discuss solutions. On June 6, we brought together over 40 individuals from 14 top environmental organizations across the nation. The meeting focused on clean water issues and how each organization is addressing them. The meeting was held in Annapolis, MD in conjunction with the annual Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week.

The organizations comprising our National Partner Network largely focus their work on water quality and water conservation. Each year, the groups meet to share ideas, discuss the challenges facing their unique waterways, and talk about the measures they are implementing to address them. This year, we joined forces with the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay to highlight issues local to the Chesapeake Bay region and the 64,000 square mile watershed.

“From engaging students to create marsh grass nurseries to educating the public on residential outdoor water use, these organizations are making remarkable strides to improve their region’s waterways,” said Mark Slavens, vice president of environmental affairs. “There’s a collective power that comes from bringing these groups together, as we all work toward securing a clean water future.”

Members of our National Partner Network include Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, Alliance for the Great Lakes, Alliance for Water Efficiency, Council for Watershed Health, Everglades Foundation, Galveston Bay Foundation, National Association of Conservation Districts, North Shore Land Alliance, Ocean Research & Conservation Association, Ohio Environmental Council, Restore America’s Estuaries, Tampa Bay Watch and The Nature Conservancy.

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