Product application

Helping gardeners deliver the right amount of product right where it’s needed.

We know from our research that consumers are not always precise in how they use our products. Whether they are growing a single potted plant, caring for their lawn, or guarding against pests, some consumers sometimes apply more than they need to achieve their desired goal.

As gardeners ourselves, we know people can make mistakes when feeding their lawn or garden. It can seem tempting to use double the recommended dose of fertilizer, thinking it will make your grass twice as green as last year. And while that logic doesn’t stand scientifically, we know it can feel intuitive. To address that, our testing ensures that amount of overapplication is considered and won’t cause lasting damage to your plants, grass or the environment.

Building in a “safety factor” lets us responsibly plan for human error. We not only test the efficacy of our products at their proper, measured doses, but we also go above and beyond, planning for the reality that some people might not use the correct amount.

We give the gardener this built-in margin of error so they don’t have to worry about long-term damage from possible overuse. We know you shouldn’t have to be an engineer to apply our products and still get great results.

Along with this product formulation testing, we conduct at-home interviews with gardeners to discover how they interpret our product label directions for use.

Our Comfort Wand®–used with Ortho® and Roundup® products–actually came directly from these kinds of one-on-one consumer interactions. This battery-operated applicator eliminates the tiring, sometimes difficult plunger mechanism used in our older applicators and reduces the potential for product overuse through one constant stream.

Innovations like these help make product application more friendly, and more importantly, help gardeners succeed by deliver the right amount of product right where it’s needed.