Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

Date: April 24, 2020 

ScottsMiracle-Gro is the leader in the lawn and garden industry. As such, we embrace our responsibility to innovate and operate in ways that care for the environment, health and safety. 

Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Management System

Support and oversight of EHS starts with our leadership. The EHS team reports to senior management and generates an annual audit report that is reviewed by the Board Audit and Finance committee. We extend this commitment to every part of the organization by staffing to provide support to each business platform to help them achieve their EHS goals. Key positions throughout the organization include corporate governance support roles and field support roles. 

To ensure all associates are prepared to operate safely and in compliance with EHS policies and procedures, the EHS team sets new hire orientation requirements and monthly training requirements throughout the organization. Training is executed through the Company’s learning management systems. In addition, all associates have access to online resources that provide policies, standards, general compliance guidance and training requirements as well as incident reporting, compliance action items, auditing and metrics/reporting for the Company. 


The EHS auditing group focuses on validating facility EHS compliance to federal, state, local regulations and Company policy and standards. Audits are performed both internally as well as by third parties. We evaluate facility compliance performance and utilize training and awareness programs as well as policy and standard revisions to assist with reducing our exposure to future risks and liabilities. 


We work toward reducing our environmental footprint while enhancing the communities in which we work and live. Our EHS team focuses on the environment including air, stormwater, groundwater, emissions and waste. We develop, implement and monitor environmental strategies, policies and programs to comply with or exceed current environmental regulations and reduce future risks and liabilities. 

Health & Safety

Our safety vision is to help associates live their life to the fullest by fostering safety at work and at home. We aim to prevent injuries. 

We value safety and well-being
Safety is our first priority. No product is worth physical injury. 

We believe incidents and injuries can be prevented at work and at home
Through investigation and analytics, we can identify strategies to prevent incidents, most of which arise from a combination of behavior and environment. 

We are personally accountable for our own and collectively responsible for each other’s safety
Safety is both a joint and individual responsibility a—only we can choose our behavior and actions. Each associate is responsible to look out for their co-workers, friends and families as well as themselves in ensuring safety collectively. Unsafe actions should not be tolerated. 

We are all empowered to take action on safety
All of us can take action relative to safety and are expected to do so. Any associate has the power and responsibility to identify and help resolve any unsafe act or condition. 

We will learn and improve by reporting all incidents and hazards
In order to improve we have to report all accidents or near misses. We will perform robust root cause investigations to ensure that we can learn from every incident. We will share these lessons broadly so we can prevent reoccurrence. 

We will celebrate our safety successes
We will focus on our opportunities for improvement and share best practices. We will also take time to promote and establish a culture that celebrates our safety accomplishments. 

We should never be satisfied or complacent with our safety performance and culture
Regardless of how we perform in safety, we will be relentless in our pursuit of zero injuries. Even one associate being hurt is too many. We will continuously drive to improve our safety performance.