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Tips to help Californians save water and have a beautiful landscape

How to care for your lawn in a drought

We’re teaming up with Save Our Water California to share ways you can use less water and maintain your landscape.

  1. If you must water, morning is best. Water evaporates in the afternoon before plants can use it.
  2. Mow high. Grass three or four inches long has deep roots to access underground moisture, reducing the need for surface watering.
  3. Check carefully for leaks. Sometimes leaks are hard to find. Replace sprinklers and hoses with cracks and leaks so water isn’t wasted.
  4. Mulch planting beds. Mulch reduces evaporation and helps retain rainwater.
  5. Water the lawn, not the sidewalk. Adjust your sprinklers to avoid hardscapes or buy new devices that provide more accuracy.

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Dormant lawn due to drought? That can happen and it’s OK

When we think about lawns, we can see that we have them for good reasons. They provide important functions for the environment by helping to cool ambient air and trapping carbon. They also give us beautiful outdoor spaces to play on and spend time with family.

In a drought, your lawn will likely go dormant. And that’s ok. Lawns are quite resilient. Traditional lawns, in fact, are changing because of the way we need to manage in a water-sensitive environment. With the right types of grass and appropriate care, you can still have a landscape you love with less water.

What is the future of the California yard?

Partnering with California Conservation Groups

We’re partnering with conservation groups in California to educate consumers, community members and the next generation of homeowners on the importance of conserving water.

Save Our Water

We’re teaming up with California’s Save Our Water on their new program asking homeowners to make a difference by saving water. We all must do our part to save water now for our families and communities.

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Council for Watershed Health

We’re working with the Council for Watershed Health to help shape a public education campaign to reduce outdoor water use and to research and create a residential education program on how to properly maintain beneficial landscaping during a drought.

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Alliance for Water Efficiency

Our partners at AWE are national thought leaders driving the smart use of limited water resources. We’re working with them to better understand the water saving opportunities in outdoor landscape settings.

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Three Water-saving Tips

Looking for more ways to save water? Here are three tips that you might not know for saving water in your yard.