Clean water for Long Island

To GroMoreGood means to protect Long Island’s waterways, together.

Working toward a solution

Water quality is one of the most critical issues facing Long Island today. Stormwater runoff and excess nitrogen are creating algal blooms, polluting drinking water and disrupting the health of the entire ecosystem.

We all play a role in protecting water on Long Island. That’s why we have made changes to our product formulation and why we are investing in local community infrastructure and educating homeowners about sustainable lawn and garden practices. We are working with Long Island to fight for clean water. Join us.

Crafted for Long Island waterways

Now more than ever, Long Island homeowners want their actions to positively impact local waterways. Caring for their lawns and gardens sustainably is an important step and often simple way that homeowners can contribute to water protection. And we know it’s our responsibility to help them achieve their goals.

That's why we created Scotts® Turf Builder® Long Island Lawn Food, a new product designed specifically for Long Island’s climate and soil. Each bag has less nitrogen and a 50% slow-release formula to prevent nutrients from overwhelming the plant and seeping into the groundwater.

Plus, 100% of the profits for three years will be donated to local Long Island community programs aimed at improving water quality.

Local investment for local impact

We’re partnering with key environmental groups on Long Island to educate consumers, community members and the next generation of homeowners about the importance of preserving the island’s water quality.

North Shore Land Alliance

Since 2017, we’ve supported North Shore Land Alliance’s Water Education Program. 7,000 students in 25 schools and 14 school districts across Long Island have been educated on the island’s water resources and the importance of water and open space. Learn more about North Shore Land Alliance’s Water Education Program. Pop Link

New York League of Conservation Voters

Through our support of New York League of Conservation Voters, we’re educating New York residents on the current environmental conditions of key waterbodies in their communities, like Long Island. And providing residents with the actions they can take to improve them. Learn more about the New York League of Conservation Voters. Pop Link