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Let's Grow Together

With urban and economic development at an all-time high, we desperately need to protect and grow our collective connection to nature, to the environment and to each other. Scotts Canada Ltd. is pleased to present Gro for good as our effort to keep the spirit of community and connection to nature alive in Canada.

We are committed to supporting green space solutions that improve communities throughout Canada and help our youth and communities enjoy the benefits of gardening; benefits, such as, encouraging healthy eating habits while learning how to grow your own food and the health benefits that come from being outdoors and interacting with nature and other members of the community.

Each year, we award grants to deserving communities, schools and non-profit civic organizations seeking to develop sustainable gardens and green spaces.

2021 Grants


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Growing gardens across Canada

Our Partnerships

Scotts Canada Ltd. is pleased to continue its partnerships with Communities in Bloom, Plant · Grow · Share a Row, and Nutrients for Life, to inspire and educate people about the importance of green spaces, environmental stewardship and feeding our communities through the development of community gardens.

Gro for good Grants

How it works

Each Gro for good grant will be valued at $2,500 (cash and in-kind product donation) and will be awarded to selected projects across Canada based on community impact, youth involvement and sustainability.

Each recipient will also be able to compete for an additional grant of $ 2,500 through the #GroForGood social media campaign.

How to apply

Canadian charitable organizations or non-profit groups are invited to apply for a grant to create or expand a garden or green space that will provide tangible benefits to the community in one or more of the following ways:

Address a health & wellness need, such as:
  • Promoting good health through healthy eating and/or gardening activities
  • Addressing community food security
  • Supporting therapeutic healing

Enhancing the environment, such as providing:
  • Pollinator habitat improvement
  • Beautification of a community space
  • Urban revitalization

Developing Youth through:
  • Engagement in community projects
  • Providing education and awareness related to gardening and gardening related topics
  • Interaction with the community and green spaces

The gardens or green spaces will need to be substantially completed in the year the grant is awarded and each group will be required to host a celebratory event (dedication, community activity, harvest) in order to be eligible for the additional grant.

Applicants will need to demonstrate that they have support from their local municipality and/or school authority along with a plan for the sustainability of the garden. Community involvement needs to be a key element of the project.

Applications will be accepted starting in January of each calendar year. The application deadline is February 28, at 11:59 p.m. EST of each corresponding calendar year.

For any questions related to the grant application or grant process, please email

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We're making a difference

Together, we continue to create beautiful gardens and inspire many others to do the same.

2,710 kg

Harvested vegetables


Trees and shrubs planted

1,829 m2

Gardens and greenspaces

6,069 hours

Volunteer involvement (Construction & Maintenance)

1,275 kg

Donation to Food Banks

2019 & 2020 Grant Program Recipients

Scotts Canada Limited launched the first edition of the new Gro for good program on January 16, 2019. The program aims to keep the spirit of community and connection to nature alive in Canada by providing grants to deserving communities, schools and non-profit organizations seeking to develop sustainable gardens and green spaces. Selected projects receive grants valued at $2500 and compete for an additional grant on Scotts Canada’s Facebook page.

Some comments from our grant recipients:

"Carrots do not magically appear....gardening teaches patience and nurturing..."
S. Egan-Olsen, retired teacher and garden volunteersQuote

Concours motivant et rassembleur - Comité forêt et jardins nourriciers de Roberval (Motivating and unifying competition )Quote


"The Scotts Gro for good program has helped us expand our garden and provide a greater area for our participants to learn skills and build confidence, to feel socially connected and learn about food sustainability in an accessible therapeutic environment. Thank you Scotts!"
Anne-Maria Hawkes, Community Garden CoordinatorQuote

For any questions related to the grant application or grant process, please email