September 30, 2016

Scotts Plant Earns Ohio EPA Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) Award

Years of quiet environmental progress at the Marysville manufacturing plant, and across our world headquarters campus, have been heard loud and clear by the State of Ohio’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

EPA Director Craig Butler has awarded ScottsMiracle-Gro the Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) Award at the Gold level.

The Agency’s E3 Program recognizes voluntary actions that businesses within the state are taking to improve the environment.

Activities within the Scotts plant have reduced waste, increased recycling, and improved energy efficiency and were considered alongside larger initiatives such as manufacturing phosphorus-free and slow release nitrogen lawn food products at the site in the Agency’s decisionmaking for the award.

“I am very proud of our team at the plant, and the work they do each day,” said Ellen Ahijevych, Marysville Plant Manager. “I know the associates at the plant are proud to know they contribute every day to the company being able to achieve this award.”

OH EPA Director Craig Butler joins ScottsMiracle-Gro Chairman & CEO Jim Hagedorn, State Representative Dorothy Pelanda, Scotts Plant Manager Ellen Ahijevych and Scotts Associates to commemorate E3 Award at Scotts Plant in Marysville, OH.

As part of the award, ScottsMiracle-Gro will continue the momentum to ever further improve the environmental footprint at the site over the next three years, with annual updates provided to the Agency.

“Receiving this recognition was an incredible team effort,” noted Phill Buerk, Environmental Health & Safety Manager at the Marysville plant, who manages the manufacturing plant’s environmental compliance work. “We have made progress for a number of years in our operations, involving countless associates. It feels great to be recognized for all of that work, and we’re excited to do more.”