Nate Baxter

Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Nate’s management style has been shaped by his years of senior leadership that have driven success for a number of organizations throughout his career.

It is grounded in servant leadership, where he shuns the top-down approach in favor of empowering associates at all levels to make decisions to positively impact the broader strategy, mission and purpose of ScottsMiracle-Gro.

Nate often says he does not have thousands of people working under him. Rather, he sees himself as working for all our associates. This manifests itself in how he fosters cross-functional collaboration companywide.

Given his background in technology, Nate is a big believer in expanding the use of technology and data to serve consumers and customers. By expanding data and technology tools for marketing, supply chain and other aspects of the business, associates can make more informed and faster decisions to respond to market conditions and other dynamics. This is particularly important as the company transforms, as the consumer base is evolving and ScottsMiracle-Gro is focused on remaining the lawn and garden partner of choice for next-generation consumers.

Prior to joining ScottsMiracle-Gro in April 2023, Nate was president of TEL U.S., a Tokyo Electron Ltd. subsidiary that manufactures semiconductor and flat panel manufacturing equipment. He also worked with Intel Corporation in technology, supply chain, strategy and management.

Nate’s advocacy for the environment comes to life in his work and his love of the outdoors. In many ways, he is the consummate outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing, skiing and backpacking in national parks and remote locations. He and his wife also are avid “porch gardeners”, tending to more than 50 containers of vegetables. Nate has two daughters, one in university and another in high school.