Seeking solutions to a global crisis

The most under-recognized environmental threat in America is water pollution caused by algal blooms. Our company has taken several steps to ensure that our products are not contributing to this problem. Yet we can't ignore that this crisis exists in every state, impacting millions of people and causing billions of dollars in economic damage. We partnered with environmental photographer Andy Mann, one of the few people in the world are capable of capturing both the beauty and the distress of America’s most important water bodies.

The George Barley Water Prize

A Global Phosphorus Challenge. Four stages. $10 million. One big opportunity for impact. Across the globe, water bodies are often crippled by phosphorus fueled algae blooms. Nearly a decade ago, ScottsMiracle-Gro began removing phosphorus from its lawn fertilizer products, leading an effort focused on water quality. It was a small but important step. And we know more needs to be done to solve this global crisis.That's why The Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation is proud to present The Everglades Foundation’s George Barley Water Prize.