State Programs

Gardeners are more conscious than ever about how they manage their landscapes and the impact they can have on the environment, most importantly, water.

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Water Positive Landscapes

We all know that water is essential to gardening and to all plant life. As the leader in the lawn and garden industry, it is our responsibility to help homeowners use water more efficiently and to protect it when using our products – ways that we’re calling Water Positive.

National Partner Network

Coast to coast, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation supports a national network of organizations committed to water quality and conservation. Members work to protect the Great Lakes, Long Island Sound, Chesapeake Bay, Gulf of Mexico, Florida and California coastlines and other vital and important places. Each partnership helps to focus education, research and action on achieving a Water Positive future.

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Water Innovation

Our goal is to provide homeowners with simple and actionable ways to use water more efficiently and responsibly. Water Positive solutions are designed to protect water quality and use water efficiently so that the benefits you get from growing fresh garden tomatoes or having the lawn you desire is all good. Landscapes that are as good for the environment as they are beautiful.

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Research Lab

Achieving Water Positive status includes research on how our landscapes influence the larger watershed, which ultimately will impact future product formulations to make it easy for consumers to have a positive watershed impact. Take a behind the scenes look at the research that make water positive product design possible.

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