State Programs

Gardeners are more conscious than ever about how they manage their landscapes and the impact they can have on the environment, most importantly, water.


We believe the more information you have the better equipped you will be to dramatically reduce your outdoor water use and still make the most of the natural beauty that makes California, California.

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This is the first of its kind effort for water conservation led by elected leaders and the business community to promote smart water conservation to improve Texas’ environment and nurtures healthy, thriving lawns and gardens.

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Our waterways and wildlife need all of us to be their champion. When it comes to water quality, we all play a part. Together we can have healthy gardens and greenspaces and clean water.

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Consumer Education

Because caring for your yard and caring for the environment go hand-in-hand, we provide local outreach and educational materials to help consumers find the right product solution while being mindful about ways to conserve and protect water resources.