Our Consumer Focus

We’ve been a leader in Lawn and Garden for more than a century.  That’s a huge milestone. We’re proud of where we’ve been and we are focused on the future of lawn and garden. Here are the five biggest opportunities we’re pursing to make gardening easier, even more accessible and even more enjoyable.

  1. Organic and Natural Products: Much of the Miracle-Gro you know will be organic or natural in the next 5 years.
  2. Water Positive Landscapes™: Landscapes that use less water and protect against runoff.
  3. Hydroponic Gardens: Growing foods with hydroponics can bring gardening indoors and to urban dwellers without yards.
  4. Edible Gardening: Veggies and herbs are among the fastest growing segments that drives the “grow your own” movement
  5. Garden Technology: Imagine an app that can tell you when your plants need food and water – saving time and resources.

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Research & Development

Product innovation begins with a thorough understanding of consumers’ emerging interests, lawn and garden habits and unmet needs. Annually, we invest over $30 million in Research & Development. We are increasingly searching for opportunities to further enhance the environmental sustainability aspects of our products, active ingredients and raw materials. These efforts range from eliminating phosphorus from our market-leading Turf Builder lawn maintenance products to increasing post-consumer recycling/renewable content of packaging and continually evaluating the overall sustainability profile of the active ingredients in our products.

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Career Opportunities

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