Governance & Transparency

Leadership Structure and Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors, the highest governance body at our company, has five standing committees to assist with oversight responsibilities: Finance, Audit, Innovation & Technology, Compensation & Organization and Nominating & Governance. Each committee’s charter can be found on our website.

Our management team and Board of Directors collaborate to engage with and oversee environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics, risks and opportunities, including climate change and human rights. The Board’s Nominating & Governance Committee oversees our company’s ESG-related policies, practices, performance, reporting and goals. The Innovation and Technology Committee and the Nominating & Governance Committee are responsible for our company’s product-related ESG policies and practices. The chair of the Nominating & Governance Committee serves as the primary ESG liaison between management and the Board of Directors, and, with thesupport of management, briefs the Board on sustainability strategy development, setting and managing climate-related targets and measuring and managing our company’s greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory. While we do not specifically link ESG performance to executive compensation, our Board and leadership team are invested in this process and updated quarterly on our progress toward ESG goals.

Diversity is one of many important factors considered in Board composition. The Nominating & Governance Committee evaluates the entirety of each Board candidate’s credentials, including experience, skill, age, diversity of background, race and gender, as well as judgment, strength of character and specialized knowledge. Our Board of Directors reflects wide ranging skills, experiences, backgrounds and opinions to foster effective decision making and promote our company’s culture. In FY22 two of our 12 Directors were women and one was Hispanic/Latino. In FY23, with the departure and election of a new director, currently, three of our 12 Directors are women and two are Hispanic/Latino.

Read our corporate responsibility report for our business ethics and code of conduct, supplier code of conduct, enterprise risk management, and compliance.